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studio citygate x lovibond drinks

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Did you knew?

Studio CityGate has been open to the public since November 2018, and is now welcoming creatives, entrepreneurs and associations to awaken the soul of this place rich in possibilities.

Over the years, step by step it became a place where our alternative drinks were consumed and fitted our brands strategy completely. As both fritz-kola and Club-Mate were blending in, it was clear that this could become our ‘’2nd home”.

Today, we deliver our drinks in 3 places spread around Studio CityGate as well as many of the premium events going with it …and we can’t thank them enough for their support over the past years. 


‘we have found the antidote to the disintegration of society’

Enter into the yard and discover the antidote

The team behind the Antitapas Nights has found its Antidote!

This adventurous blend is the perfect combination of their love for music, food and hoppy drinks.

Antidote is a multidisciplinary project that originated less than a year ago. It is a kind of pop-up in Studio CityGate in Anderlecht where you can experience everything from book presentations to music concerts and good food, in company of good drinks off course.

A canteen for those who love gourmet pleasures, a bar to relax and finally an incredible space to come and discover !!

 In short, Antidote is the ideal antidote to the difficult times we are currently experiencing and we’d like to thank them for a great synergy througout the last years.

petite île

finally there is a bouldering hall for the people of brussels!

Petite Île is the first space in Brussels to be completely dedicated to bouldering. Our project will be housed in Studio CityGate, one of the largest creative structures of temporary duration in Belgium. No less than 350m2 of surface will be available for climbing, with a hundred routes of varying
difficulty. The hall is ideally located in Anderlecht, a 10-minute walk from the South Station. So get those climbing shoes up because it is almost time!

Staying hydrated while sporting sounds naturally, and so are the drinks served in Petite Ile’s bar.


a creative workspace and venue for music.

A place where artists come to work every day. Volta offers everything needed to guide the musicians in and around Brussels by offering programs such as: Artist Residencies, Concerts, Workshops, Master Classes & education, video & recording, showcases, rehearsal spaces and lots more

Bruxsel jardin

between the trees or between the bricks of brussels, brüxsel jardin is selecting outdoor spots all over the city in order to transform them into an autonomous dancing zone.

With a strong commitment to electronic music and to the purpose of bringing people together, they use their hands and hearts to create a wondrous daytime experience for you. They pick their artists delicately but with determinedness, not at all comparable to a business transaction, but with the intention to build an ongoing connection as a community, a family.

Year by year, the Brüxsel Jardin collective keeps on growing and evolving, but the main purpose remains the same: reuniting people to celebrate life, love and friendship, because ‘love is where your friends are‘

Lovibond Drinks has been delivering the most alternative drinks for the most alternative parties. Bruxsel Jardin is never going to stop loving fritz-kola or club-mate.


Technoon was a Techno party that took place many Sunday afternoons, in Brussels, Belgium, bringing you the best techno DJs in a quality environment, with great vibes, friendly people and a top-notch sound system. In other words, just what you needed to close the weekend.

A piece of Berlin techno world, planted in the heart of Brussels, that’s Technoon. The party concept, which took place every two months on Sunday afternoons. 

Young, old, rested or still awake after a night out: you will find a remarkably varied audience on the dance floor. But they have one thing in common. They are all here for the music, and likeminded peoples.  Those in need of an energy boost can buy a piece of cake at the entrance or grab a Club Maté, the caffeine-rich drink that is extremely popular in Berlin, and distributed by Lovibond Drinks, based in Brussels.

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