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What happens when two German students decide to create their own  kola-based drink? Well, most of the time, nothing happens. But sometimes, their drink becomes a major alternative brand, trending among European hipsters and reaching the status of national pride as well as Hamburg’s most consumed soft drink.

The original Mate lemonade


If you are hip and trendy enough to be constantly bragging about having tasted Club Mate before it was cool, there’s something you should know: its origins go WAY back, before techno-loving hackers and Berliner-wannabes from around the world began claiming Club Mate as a cornerstone of their lifestyle! Its recipe was actually first produced by the Bavarian Loscher Brewery in 1924. Not exactly the origin story one would imagine…

Organic Matcha Tea Beverage


Yoko Ma-tcha. YOKO MATCHA. Merely saying or shouting the word will make you feel good. Matcha’s history deserves a few words: though considered as a Japanese plant, matcha’s story began in 10th century China, where it was reserved for the Emperors of the Song dynasty because of its awesomeness. The Emperor was like ‘don’t touch my awesome matcha, you peasants’ and people obeyed for fear of losing a limb or two. Two centuries later, it came to Japan where Buddhist monks and samurais considered it as a panacea that makes you live longer and helps you meditate. To this day, Japanese people are still very fond of matcha and drink it ceremoniously.

Organic Cider


Majorette Organic Cider is crafted from the best fruits of the bio-agriculture in Normandie, leveraging three generations of knowledge and savoir-faire.
Our cider contains 100% pure apples without additives, concentrate and sugar. Our apples are allowed under the “Cahier des charges of IGP Normandie” and include the following varieties: Frequin, Doux Normandie, Bedan, Kermerrien, Peau de chien, Douce Moën…

Herbal Kombucha Beverage


Kombu-what? Since the meaning of life obviously consists of knowing things your friends never even heard of before, Vigo Kombucha is likely to land you some serious sapiosexual booty at the next Vegan Conspiracy Club, so there’s already that. Kombucha was already consumed over 2,000 years ago in Mongolia. Kombucha is actually a tea mushroom that is fermented for seven to ten days to achieve the proper taste, a process producing carbon dioxide and thus making the drink effervescent. Which means VIGO Kombucha is a wake-up drink in the morning, a refreshing soft beverage during the day, and a delicious addition to your favourite booze and even a cocktail.

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