a family and independent business
importing & distributing alternative and sustainable drinks.


In the operation of our business, we are staying true to our roots. We started as a family business and we like to treat our contacts as family too: friendly, informal, flexible and with mutual trust. This is what sets our intimate operation apart from larger and more number-focused businesses: with us you’ll always be in good, familiar company.




We do drinks differently. We don’t just distribute a different kind of drinks, we cherish the alternative manufacturers that produce them, the alternative venues that sell them and the alternative cultures that enjoy them. If you ever come to our office or one of our parties, you’ll instantly feel that we are native alternatives who are into subculture for the love of it.

Glass only

Our conviction is that recyclable glass bottles are the way to go. Glass is up to 100% recyclable and each bottle can reach around 50 cycles. As a material glass has been around for ages, and for good reason: in contrast to PET plastic, glass emits no nasty taste, smell or microparticles. By distributing recyclable glass only, we put our message in the bottle.



We realise that we have a responsibility towards our environment and society. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to close the loop and do business in a way that is sustainable in the long term. Our operations are not yet 100% sustainable, but we are constantly challenging ourselves to get there.

The Name

Who names his company after his own mom? Well, Nicolas did. That’s because Ms. Lovibond has always supported him, even in his most outlandish projects. Now you happen to be looking at that one project that turned into a rock solid company.

We are in the business of distributing Europe’s tastiest drinks with proper style, utmost care and hitman precision: Shaken nor stirred. The name is Bond. Lovibond.

Our Vision

Alternative soft drinks used to be a hard sell in Europe’s alcohol-focused bar circuit. We tried it anyway. Because we believe that responsible drinking should not be limited to alcohol. We don’t want to live in a world full of mainstream, sugar-infested soft drinks in polluting plastic bottles, enriching large corporations.

Our increasingly conscious audience seems to agree. We will keep on delivering them the most delicious alternative soft drinks from the European continent, in the most sustainable way that’s humanly possible. Not all our soft values may be easy to count, but we try to make them count anyway.

Our History

While on a secret mission to the Berlin club scene in 2013, Nicolas discovered a world of alternative soft drinks. He managed to fit 60 crates in the back of his dad’s van. And back in Brussels, he managed to team up with his brother Jérome, who was raising the bar in the design of local bars. This nightlife network worked like magic: The cold crates sold like hotcakes.

What started as a casual family affair, has grown into a steady operation over the years, with Gilles now also on the Lovibond team. Today our strong wholesale network covers the whole of Belgium, where we are the exclusive importers of the Fritz brand’s glass bottles. Through all this glass, our future is looking bright.

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