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defiantly quenching thirst
since 2013, the lovibond way.

Doing it right.

We’re Belgium’s go-to alternative drinks distributor, elevating HORECA menus since 2013. It’s our goal to supply the most delicious European alternative drinks.

We’re fueled by responsibility towards the environment, society, and the people in our community.

We’re real, passionate people striving to do what’s right. With us, you’ll always be in good company.

our curated selection

Experience flavour, the lovibond way. Our lineup: authentic and diverse beverages. We select brands based on creativity and uniqueness, showcasing tasty and eclectic products.

a network like no other

Our flagship brands are showcased in Belgium’s best HORECA spots, from the next generation of bars and cafes to food markets and innovative offices & co-working spaces. We seek like-minded partners, not just transactional clients. Passionate HORECA entrepreneurs, wholesale networks, or unique brands, you belong with lovibond.

extensive wholesale opportunities

Our wholesale network covers all of belgium. Drink centres, liquor stores, breweries, bierhandels, drankencentrales & more.

unlock your brand’s potential

Our country-wide distribution is extensive. We specialise in on-trade for horeca and events, and off-trade for retail. Partner with us for efficient and sustainable distribution.

Interested in our products?