Organic Matcha
Tea Beverage

Organic Matcha Tea Beverage


Yoko Ma-tcha. YOKO MATCHA. Merely saying or shouting the word will make you feel good.

Matcha’s history deserves a few words: though considered as a Japanese plant, matcha’s story began in 10th century China, where it was reserved for the Emperors of the Song dynasty because of its awesomeness. The Emperor was like ‘don’t touch my awesome matcha, you peasants’ and people obeyed for fear of losing a limb or two. Two centuries later, it came to Japan where Buddhist monks and samurais considered it as a panacea that makes you live longer and helps you meditate. To this day, Japanese people are still very fond of matcha and drink it ceremoniously.

Anyway, matcha is special: like other ‘shadow teas’, it’s protected from sunrays for 30 days before being harvested, then gets grinded and whipped (yes, whipped! – how cool is that?). This means that Yoko Matcha is not infused – or brewed, as the Brits say – but actually mixed with pristine spring water and unrefined cane sugar before being bottled and bought by you, because you have great taste and you know what’s good for you.

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yoko organic matcha 33 cl

   CERT. BE-BIO-01

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