Club-mate : Sunshine in a bottle.

Sunshine in a bottle

Modern avant-garde lifestyle enthusiasts won’t be able to pass themselves off as pioneers this time: Club Mate was created in 1924 by a Bavarian brewer as a chilled version of traditional South American mate, which this beautiful continent used to sip ages “before it was cool”. Yerba mate infusion is a national drink in several South American countries, so there’s no point pretending you’ve “discovered” it before everybody else.

As thirst-quenching as it is energising, Club-Mate is perfect for people who need to stay in the zone on the job, or for partying on a fresh, non-alcoholic energy drink; it will also delight cocktail lovers who value high-quality ingredients. This success among diverse audiences explains the absence of any marketing by the brand: it made its way into popular culture without it.

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Club-Mate 20 x 33 cl
Club-Mate 20 x 50 cl
Club-Mate Granat 20 x 50 cl
Club-Mate Ice Tea 20 x 50 cl

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