The original
Mate lemonade

The original Mate lemonade


If you are hip and trendy enough to be constantly bragging about having tasted Club Mate before it was cool, there’s something you should know: its origins go WAY back, before techno-loving hackers and Berliner-wannabes from around the world began claiming Club Mate as a cornerstone of their lifestyle! Its recipe was actually first produced by the Bavarian Loscher Brewery in 1924. Not exactly the origin story one would imagine…

Anyway, in the late 1990s, Club Mate seduced the hacker and techno communities, who enjoyed its caffeinated boost and sparkly taste, making it the perfect drink to mix with alcohol while partying.

The ultimate proof of Club Mate’s deliciousness and usefulness is illustrated best by the fact that, without mass marketing, its success has now spread to over 40 countries, relying solely on word-of-mouth and a green reputation: all bottles are recycled – which aligns with the modern consumer’s concern for environmental issues.

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