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import & distribution of
alternative drinks in Belgium.
exclusive importer
of club-mate.

Curated selection of alternative drinks elaborated by passionate entrepreneurs who embrace authenticity yet propose bold and innovative products: wether they are sustainably made or anchored in tradition, they all spring from a genuine care for taste, people and good times.

a network like no other

Our flagship brands are showcased in Belgium’s best HORECA spots, from the next generation of bars and cafes to food markets and innovative offices & co-working spaces. We seek like-minded partners, not just transactional clients. Passionate HORECA entrepreneurs, wholesale networks, or unique brands, you belong with lovibond.

unlock your brand’s potential

With our efficient country-wide distribution, your brand finds its place. At lovibond, we specialise in both on-trade distribution for HORECA and events, as well as off-trade distribution for retail. Partner with us for dynamic and sustainable logistic deployment across our extensive network throughout Belgium.

lovibond x culture

We’re passionate about supporting events and festivals in Belgium’s thriving cultural sector. Own a bar, cafe, or venue? Organise events? Reach out to us for a tasting or to just talk music over an alternative drink.

Interested in our products?