Herbal Kombucha Beverage


Kombu-what? Since the meaning of life obviously consists of knowing things your friends never even heard of before, Vigo Kombucha is likely to land you some serious sapiosexual booty at the next Vegan Conspiracy Club, so there’s already that. Kombucha was already consumed over 2,000 years ago in Mongolia. Kombucha is actually a tea mushroom that is fermented for seven to ten days to achieve the proper taste, a process producing carbon dioxide and thus making the drink effervescent. Which means VIGO Kombucha is a wake-up drink in the morning, a refreshing soft beverage during the day, and a delicious addition to your favourite booze and even a cocktail.
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Vigo Kombucha Original 33 clVigo Kombucha Acai 33 cl

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