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Herbal Kombucha Beverage

Herbal Kombucha Beverage


Kombucha was already consumed over 2,000 years ago in Mongolia. Kombucha is actually a tea mushroom that is fermented for ten days to achieve the proper taste, a process producing carbon dioxide and thus making the drink effervescent. Which means VIGO Kombucha is a wake-up drink in the morning, a refreshing soft beverage during the day, and a delicious addition to your favourite booze and even a cocktail.

Acerola+Ginger is the perfected blend of Acerola puree (high in Vitamin C) from Amazonian rainforest in northern Brazil and Ginger from India, Guajarhat province. Handcrafted & fermented organic raw kombucha brewed with superfoods. Loaded with enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live bacteria that boost your well-being.

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vigo-kombucha organic acerola ginger 33 cl

   CERT. BE-BIO-01

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