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‘TOURNEE GÉNÉRALE!’: Schaerbeek & fritz-kola support horeca

After more than 7 months of inactivity, the Horeca reopens with bells and whistles. The municipality of Schaerbeek is taking this opportunity to launch a new support action: ‘Toernee générale’.

The municipality will provide a package of 100 original drinks to applying bars, cafes and restaurants. The sales price flows back in full to the relevant Horeca businesses.

‘Toernee générale’ offers owners who submit an application a ‘Support’ package specially composed for the municipality with 100 drinks, we at lovibond drinks are a proud partner of this project, it’s no coïncidence that our headquarters are also based in Schaarbeek … we simply love the community!

“do good, get good”

As lovibond drinks is the official importer of fritz-kola and other sustainable drinks, our approach and cooperation needed to flow in the same direction. The fritz-kola bottles, which are bottled on 100% renewable energy and used over 60 times, needed to be redesigned and glued on every bottle. Therefore we worked closely with “Citeco”, a tailor-made company based in Schaarbeek that offers people with disabilities the opportunity to learn and practice a profession.

Just like us, they believe that the local urban economy is the solution to mobility and congestion problems. From this perspective, Citeco and lovibond drinks make it a point of honor to offer its customers a high-quality service and to prefer a commercial approach on a human scale.