Vigo Kombucha


Because the meaning of life apparently consists of knowing things that your friends have never heard of, Vigo Kombucha will probably give you a good sapio-sexual booty at the next Vegan Conspiracy Club. Kombucha was consumed in Mongolia more than 2000 years ago because of its health benefits and stimulating properties.

Kombucha is actually a tea mushroom that is fermented for seven to ten days to achieve the right taste, a process that produces carbon dioxide and thus makes the drink fizzy. So, VIGO Kombucha is not only really good for your health, but it is also refreshing and perfect for cocktails!

This means that VIGO Kombucha is a wake-up drink, a refreshing soda during the day & a delicious addition to your favorite beverage.

Cherry on the cake: hipper than hip, VIGO is made in Poland by passionate people, with organic elements, and is reportedly supplied by knights riding white unicorns (although they are disguised as commercial representatives who drive four-wheeled vehicles).


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