We are Family

One big family being super creative.

Founded in 2015

The Vision

Lovibond Drinks offers the best European alternative soft drinks to help you quench your thirst healthily and deliciously while consuming responsibly. We quickly deliver the vegan drinks in our catalogue anywhere in Belgium to professionals as well as particulars.

We challenge the codes: mainstream, sugar-filled soft drinks do not interest us. Just like you, we are always looking for trendy and delicious ways to drink fresh, responsible and healthy beverages.

The History

LOVIBOND : from «LOVE», to love, because we are brothers who love each other from one hand but also because we work with passion on the other hand.

And «BOND», from the connection, the relationship as well as from the certainty that an accomplished project is the result of a real complicity, a strong link, with our customers and partners.

LOVIBOND is above all the maiden name of our mother. Having always supported us in our projects, it is our way to thank and pay tribute to her.

Clients we’ve worked for