Lovibond~Drinks propose les meilleures boissons alternatives européennes pour étancher votre soif de façon saine et délicieuse tout en consommant de manière responsable.

The Name

LOVIBOND : from «LOVE», because we work with passion.

«BOND», from the connection, the relationship as well as from the certainty that an accomplished project is the result of a real complicity, a strong link, with our customers and partners.

LOVIBOND is above all the maiden name of Nicolas's mother. Having always supported him in his projects, it is our way to thank and pay tribute to her.

Our Vision

Lovibond Drinks offers the best European alternative soft drinks to help you quench your thirst healthily and deliciously while consuming responsibly. We quickly deliver the vegan drinks in our catalogue anywhere in Belgium to professionals as well as particulars.

We challenge the codes: mainstream, sugar-filled soft drinks do not interest us. Just like you, we are always looking for trendy and delicious ways to drink fresh, responsible and healthy beverages.

Our History

A loooong time ago, around 2013, Nicolas discovered a whole new alternative soft drink market while visiting Berlin with his friends. It didn't take long before he borrowed his dad's van where he could go forth & back to Germany for the golden crates.
Starting of with 60 crates in 2013 with the help of his brother Jérome who designed plenty of bars in Brussels region ... he established a strong network with wholesalers all over Belgium. Today, lovibond drinks is a unique, quality business runned by Nicolas & Gilles, covering the entire Belgium.

our values


lovibond drinks is your local guide to the intriguing region of Flanders, Brussels & Wallonia. We're a family, active in the distribution and sales of drinks to private individuals, as well as wholesalers, catering industry & retail. We offer a wide range of non-alcoholic alternative drinks.




We recognise that we have a responsibility towards our environment and society. For this reason, it is particularly important for us to do business in a way that is sustainable in the long term. Our operations are not yet 100% sustainable, but we are doing everything possible to get there.



Glass only

We are convinced that recyclable glass bottles are the way to go. Glass is up to 100% recyclable, and each bottle can go through around 50 cycles. Apart from the fact that glass is one of the oldest materials people used, glass has no taste or smell – an important difference when compared to PET plastic.


Human-scale Structure

We share a love for immediate encounters with no artificial additives. Just you, the stage and a cool, delicious bottle in your hand. Because fortune favours the awake. 

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