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cargo bike home delivery of fizzy-fresh healthy drinks: the sustainable alternative that makes your life easier

True to our environmental sustainability principles and service-oriented family business culture, our e-shop relies on green mobility to deliver healthy & fizzy-fresh alternatives to your doorstep.

Cargo bike delivery is currently limited to Brussels, but we plan to extend this service as soon as possible.

Please contact us if you live in areas not covered by this service: we’ll be happy to work something out amongst people of good will.

Why cargo bike deliveries?

The bike is still the most ecological way of transport, above that it’s also fun … even if this was an environmentally beneficial choice as they contribute to the reduction of air pollution of the planet.

The main reason why we chose to introduce cargo bike deliveries is because they reduce the load on traffic in our cities.

Plus, bicycle delivery services are faster than cars in ‘big’ cities, especially in Brussels since the city became a 30 km/h zone and delivery parking zones are hard to be found.